We are both firm believers in the importance of communicating scientific findings to the wider community – it’s why we set up this website!

From time to time, we have the opportunity to try and spread the peaty message elsewhere, by publishing magazine articles, giving talks or blogging for other websites.

We’ll be keeping this page updated with our latest public outreach efforts for you to enjoy too.

Magazine articles:

Letters from Patagonia‘, by Tom Roland. Planet Earth magazine, Autumn 2013. PDF

Unlocking the secrets of Antarctic moss banks‘, by Matt Amesbury and Jessica Royles. Planet Earth magazine, Summer 2013. PDF

Peat: core blimey!‘, by Matt Amesbury. Planet Earth magazine, Autumn 2011. PDF

Guest blog posts:

‘Bogs, bugs and bryophytes: reconstructing past climate from peatlands’, by Matt Amesbury and Tom Roland. Climatica.org


Please help yourself to our infograms, which can double as handy educational posters! Just click on the gallery below to obtain full size versions.

Other materials

Bogology posterIf you’d like to help us publicise Bogology, why not download and print one of our posters? Put it up somewhere and that way more people might visit the site to learn more about the wonderful world of peat and past climate!