The 12 days of Bogology

As a Christmas treat we have remodelled the lyrics of ‘The 12 days of Christmas’ to suit our boggy audience! Each line links to a page where you can find out more! We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to returning in 2014 with more blogs and hopefully some exciting changes and additions to the website.

So as the post doesn’t get too long we’re just typing out the last verse – if you really want to sing it out out loud the whole way through from day 1, we’re sure you know what to do!

‘The 12 days of Bogology’ – a new carol written by Matt and Tom

On the 12th day of Bogology, my professor gave to me:

12 types of Sphagnum,

11 countries visited,

10 names for peatlands,

9 (hundred) samples,

8 age-depth models,

7 tephra layers,

6 macrofossils,

5 am-eeee-beee,

4 (hundred) ppm,

3 magazine articles,

2 guest bloggers,

And a peat bog of ombrotrophyyyy!

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